Our monthly meetings take place at the Hub in Regent’s Park from 18:30 to 22:30. As these times are after when the Park is closed to the public, access and exit is controlled via a single gate, the ‘Monkey Gate’.

The Monkey Gate is situated on the Outer Circle, to the right of the ZSL Institute of Zoology, Wellcome Building, at the northern edge of the park. The postcode is NW8 7LS. and the What3Words co-ordinate is chase.pulse.mouse.

A Baker Street Irregular Astronomers illuminated sign will be on the gate.

On entering through the gate, follow the signposted path straight in front of you (the middle one of three paths) for 200 metres to reach The Hub. You will see it on an elevated position to the left of the path. A gentle hard surfaced incline, accessible by wheelchair, will bring you to the Hub terrace and cafe.

When walking from the gate in the dark we recommend exercising just as much caution as usual when walking through London streets at night. If you are apprehensive and alone, by prior request, another Irregular can be posted at the gate to accompany you to the Hub.

When you arrive, introduce yourself to Lesley. She is one of the Unofficial Force (committee members), who will be happy to greet you and answer any questions you have. Other UF members, Mike, Eric, Nicholas, Preeti and Matthew can also assist.

You must leave the park, by the end of the meeting at 22:30, again only through the Monkey Gate.

Travelling by Bus:

The nearest stops, Wells Rise (Stop C) and Primrose Hill (Stop H), are served by the 274 – click here for route information. ┬áThe 274 continues to collect from Wells Rise and Primrose Hill for at least a further hour after the end of the meeting.

Travelling by Road:

Parking by the Monkey Gate on the Outer Circle is free after 18:30. You cannot enter the park by car, motorcycle or scooter.

Travelling by Tube:

St Johns Wood and Camden Town tube stations are roughly equidistant from the gate at about 20 minutes on foot. Baker Street tube is a little further away, about 30 minutes.

Travelling by bike:

There are parking stands for personal bikes in the Park at The Hub entrance. Please do not cycle within the park. If you wish to use TfL hire bikes, there is a docking station just outside London Zoo on the Outer Circle.