On 2nd March we are staging our annual lunar gazing session, MoOnday, on a Monday (of course!), at the Hub. The Moon will be at 1st Quarter, the ideal time for children (and adults) to gaze at and learn more of our natural satellite. We meet at our usual venue, the Hub in Regent’s Park at our usual time, see here. 

I have written some notes on what to look for on the Moon at our event. And an introduction aimed at children who want to know more about the Moon

Remember, if you are new to becoming an Irregular, you don’t need to own and bring a telescope or binoculars to our evening stargazing meetings- there are usually a dozen or so telescopes of various sizes and designs for you to look through. Of course if you do own an instrument you are able to carry to the Hub then please bring it with you!

We meet whether the sky is clear or cloudy! Sometimes the weather forecast for the day just looks awful. In extreme cases, we might outright cancel a meeting however, in the majority of cases, we go ahead anyway. Provided it’s not raining, we gather even under cloudy skies and enjoy an evening of social astronomy chat. Often this results in rewards for those who choose to attend, as London’s unpredictable cloud cover can vanish without warning – then it’s every telescope for itself! We highly recommend coming along even if it looks cloudy. Even if the sky has nothing to show us, there’s always something interesting to see and hear at one of our star parties.

Additional information on directions to the hub and our event etiquette is available.