Society Aims

The organisers of the BSIA (we call ourselves The Unofficial Force) believe that amateur astronomy is a thrilling hobby, and a character-building experience. Every society is undoubtedly formed for very similar reasons, and by like-minded and enthusiastic people, but we seek to be different in the ways we feel are best.

Our collective experiences as members of other societies – as well as our uniquely accessible and centralised location – have led us to a concise but open-ended mission statement. We welcome your criticism, and will always act to steer the society in a direction that best serves its members.

The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers [BSIA] aims…

  • to bring astronomy to Central London – In spite of severe light pollution, we wish to share the outstanding natural beauty of the universe with London’s population who might otherwise be unaware of it.
  • to be free, for everyone, forever – The BSIA welcomes voluntary donations through our website but we will endeavour to provide events and resources for every interested person at no charge.
  • to be friendly and approachable – Our diverse group welcomes all ages, families, schools and educational groups, complete novices and lifelong expert astronomers. The organisers will do our best to invite you to participate at every opportunity, and address any and all concerns effectively.
  • to encourage practical observation – The BSIA maintains a strong commitment to hosting star parties where visual observing takes place. Stargazing will always be the central focus of the society.
  • to promote and support outreach – We will work closely in full cooperation with any press or media outlet willing to produce factually accurate material for any medium, for the purpose of promoting astronomy in London.
  • to not take ourselves too seriously – We’re human beings and we love the Moon, planets and stars. We wouldn’t be involved with this project if we didn’t enjoy it, and we’re more than happy to poke fun at ourselves if someone gets a laugh out of it. In the unlikely event that the society fails to conquer the world, we’ll still be at The Hub every month with our bins, ‘scopes and sense of fellowship and humour. BSIA will remain free, family-friendly and fun!