About Us

The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers was organised and set up in the Summer of 2010 as an attempt to address Central London’s surprising lack of community astronomy societies and events. The society benefits from the help and support of the Royal Parks and the management at The Hub

We converge upon the terrace of The Hub one evening each month in the beautiful Regent’s Park for a free and informal meeting of like-minded people ranging from the curious novice to the expert amateur astronomer. While many Irregulars always bring telescopes and binoculars to the meetings, we emphasise there is no requirement for attendees to bring, share or even own them. Of course, we do encourage anyone who does have their own kit to bring that along too.

The meetings have proven to be more popular than any of the organisers imagined, and the number of attendees has soared over the years to support what may be the fastest growing astronomical society in the country! Press and media attention has helped a great deal, but word-of-mouth and our social media platforms continue to be the driving force in spreading our mission to share the wonders of the night sky with our fellow Londoners.

An astronomical society with a difference

Unlike most astronomical societies, we do not require formal membership or charge a fee for joining. Everyone is free to come along to our meetings, find out why we do what we do, and ask for advice. We aren’t going to let urban light pollution stop us from bringing astronomy to Central London, where millions of potential stargazers go about their lives unaware of the stunning natural beauty hanging above their heads, just beyond the sky.

If you like what you see, please tell your friends, family and work colleagues about the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers, and join us at one of our monthly meetings. We do our best to welcome absolutely everybody, and if you have any concerns, you can always contact us first.

Clear skies!