BSIA meetings have a relaxed atmosphere, and we aren’t concerned with the occasional stray light. Nevertheless, we ask that you consider the high density of sensitive equipment when moving around at The Hub. Telescopes don’t like to be knocked, so please try to keep an awareness of the space immediately around you – particularly behind you!

Most of our members will gladly share a view through their telescope or binoculars, but please be careful not to use anything without asking. When using someone else’s telescope, remember that it might have cost them a lot of money. Try not to touch it (aside from focusing) and ask them to help you if an adjustment is needed.

Antisocial Behaviour and Harassment Policy

Although we wish for everyone to have access to our social stargazing events and enjoy the sky safely, we recognise that there is a risk of antisocial behaviour or harassment, and we will take measured steps to mitigate it. Any incident reported to an organiser will be treated seriously, and we will investigate thoroughly and potentially remove and ban:-

  • Anyone engaging in verbal, physical, or sexual harassment or assault.
  • Anyone actioning discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, age, race or disability.
  • Anyone behaving in a manner which is threatening or disruptive to the peaceful atmosphere of the meeting.
  • Anyone suspected of making false allegations to have another attendee removed.

The organisers of the BSIA endeavour to be maximally democratic, unprejudiced and secular in the enforcement of this policy. We invite your feedback and will consider amendments at our regular committee meetings.

Additionally, touting for business and selling goods are ban-worthy offenses and will not be tolerated at our meetings.